Oops.  This week I’ve got two weeks to share our books from, as last week was all about the old favourites, rather than many new books.  I think we only read 3 or 4 new books last week, compared with double figures this week.

We’ve been back to the library again (it really does seem to make a difference when N chooses his own books, even when he just grabs whatever to make up the numbers he’s allowed), and also back to The Works.  I love the 4 books for a fiver offer, and the other day I also got 10% off after spending £10 from my Vouchercloud app on my phone.  They’re now doing loyalty cards as well, so points should tot up quite nicely.

Here’s what we’ve been reading the last two weeks:

#300pbs picture books challenge #300pbs picture books

  • Week 9 and 10 books read: 25
  • Total books to day: 150 (50%) Whoop half way

300 picture books


    • It’s quite a nice book. I love the library for finding books that are never found in shops.

  1. Laura @ Kneadwhine

    What a great challenge! D loves the Elephant and the Bad baby and I’m sure he’d like the one about stinky socks too!

    • It’s a great challenge. am reading lots with N, but my own reading challenge has fallen on the wayside! Kids do always love stories about pants and smelly clothes!

    • I liked it as a child too, but not fussed now. I tried N on Rosie’s Walk a few weeks ago which I think is a retro classic, but he didn’t like that one.

  2. Katie Clark

    What a lovely selection of books. I’ve only just joined in the challenge this week – isn’t it great to keep a track of what you’re reading and find new books by looking what everyone else is reading! My son loves Thomas the Tank Engine so we’re always reading those too! And Owl Babies – delightful book.

    • The owl babies seems to definitely be a favourite for everyone. N’s really good at finding the Thomas books in the library – they seem to jump out in his hands Hope your challenge goes well

  3. We too love the Baby Owls, The Hot Air Balloon and Chicken Licken! way to go with your reading goal! #BlogClub

    • Chicken licken’s a funny one. I wanted him to get that out of the library because I remembered it from my childhood, but now I hate it. So boring and repetitive. I hate books where you’re repeating in a list all the previous pages, and this week we had a few of those from the library. I’m sick of them already!
      Thanks for popping by

    • That’s what’s great about books, that so many of them last from our childhood (and sometimes longer) through to our children’s

    • N went straight for that one in the library because he likes it at nursery. Makes me laugh at the owl baby names!

    • It is nice when children like the interests you do. I’m a big reader (well, struggling to find time this year, but love books and always have one on the go), so like you, I’m really pleased N loves it too.

  4. what a great selection of books, apart from Thomas and the French book I’m not familiar with these, must look them up, think mine would enjoy them.

    • The french one reminds me of the book I had when I was a child very similar. It’s really just pictures with lots of vocabulary, but as we read it like a story I included it! Both of N’s nurseries do a bit of french, so it’s a good way to repeat the words they’ve done that week.

    • I’d not read it before, it was one of N’s library choices as he likes it at nursery. It’s very cute, and he loves The Owl who was afraid of the dark as well. Certain owl theme going on!

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