birthday party at pizza express - bubbablue and me

Pizza Express party confidence

In the past N hasn’t been a keen party goer. He’s gone along to some, to others he’s refused.  And there’s always a time beforehand when he says he’s not going. But all parties so far were with lots of other children he knew.  This week, N went to his first party where he didn’t know anyone other than the party boy.

It was his old best friend from nursery and he was having a Pizza Express party. N had missed his own joint Pizza Express party because he was ill that day. N was really looking forward to it, although he had pointed out that after ‘his’ party where the party guy just left them to it, that hopefully they would have something to do while waiting for the pizzas to cook.

birthday party at pizza express - bubbablue and me

Not only was it the first party where he knew no-one. But it was the first party where I hadn’t hung around. With school parties I always want to stay because I can have a chat with all the other parents there.

Luckily the timings worked really well for this party. I had to drop him at 10.30, my hair appointment was at 11, then back to pick him up again at 12.30.   It was a rush after swimming but it did mean that N didn’t have time to dwell on the fact that he wouldn’t know anyone there.

We’d been sent some new fidget toys (Spinbladez and Spinzipz) so N wanted to take them with him.  I thought it would help entertain them if there was a long wait between making pizza and eating so he took them in.

fidget spinners spinbladez

Let’s just say, cool toys are a great ice breaker. As soon as N walked in the door and was spinning them, there were about 4 boys around him wanting to see and have a go.  One boy did a swap with his fidget spinner too. So N didn’t look back when I said I was going.

When I arrived back later, the boys were sitting eating the pizzas they’d made.

enjoying his own pizzza express passes

At the kids parties, the party host gives them the dough which they then knead and stretch out to size. Then they can top their pizzas with tomato sauce and any toppings they want.  I was surprised that N added more than just cheese and pepperoni. He included some ham and chicken.  And he also tried goats cheese and tod me he wanted me to buy some of that.  He does like cheese (and strong cheese) so I’m not really surprised. But I can certainly buy some, because I like it too.

They’d then had some time to have the usual kids activity sheets and hats to sticker up.  N looked right at home in the middle of the group.  They had a starter of dough balls and crudites to keep them going while waiting for their pizzas to cook. Their pizzas were a good standard size pizza, so not many finished theirs. N took the rest of his home in a takeaway box for us to try.  I’m not usually one for meat on pizzas (apart from ham and pineapple) but it was very tasty.

As parents were arriving for picking up, the kids started getting a bit fidgety. Happy birthday was sung and cake was eaten. Then their party host brought out their ice cream and sauces. I don’t know where N put it all, but he wasn’t letting it go.

hiding in Pizza Express

The boys all got stuck in, joined in with conversation and play, and while of course it got a bit rowdier once they’d had their puddings, they were still pretty well behaved. A hand out of party bags, a thank yoy to the parents and we were off on our way.

N really enjoyed the party. He had the chance to try and enjoy more ingredients. He met and joined in with children from another school. And he was so polite saying thanks to the parents.

If you don’t want to hold a party at home, want to keep the it cheaper and keep numbers lower, I think a Pizza Express party is a great idea. And it doesn’t work out too expensive either.

Have you ever done a Pizza Express party for your children? What other types of parties have you done?

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