It’s been a busy week as usual.  Week 2 of what I’ve now realised is probably laryngitis, and I think it’s nearly gone.  Finally.  There’s been lots going on at work too, so it’s been nice to have a relaxing Saturday before N’s birthday ‘party’ kicks off.

There’s been a severe lack of photography. The weather hasn’t been the best when I have been able to get out, and at lunch times I’ve not felt well enough to be walking out. Too much coughing when I do too much movement.  So much for starting the year off healthily.

It’s been noticeable though, how much lighter it is in the evenings and mornings.  This week’s photo was taken one morning out of the bedroom window. The field behind the house is usually the ‘sickly’ field, for sheep that need watching a bit more or are lame. But every morning just before 8, they know there’ll be someone with a bag of feed for them, and they come in to wait by the trough.

sheep at sunrise on the farm
Sunrise sheep in the field


  1. Hope you are now feeling better and the bugs have all gone. I am sure if Neva was able to, she would have a field full of sheep.

  2. What a beautiful view of the field. Glad your laryngitis is nearly gone. It sucks being poorly. I was quite unwell last week too.

  3. always amazes me when they say sheep have no memory yet they always know when people/tractor appear that food is being brought for them.
    Lovely view.

  4. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    It seems like illness is rife at this time of year, but happy to hear you’re feeling a bit better. The lighter evenings have been much welcomed here also. Lovely capture! #MySundayPhoto

    • Thanks Jade. Only took 2 week, but was a lot longer than I’ve experienced before

  5. Glad the laryngitis is on its way out. I haven’t noticed the lighter mornings, but I have the evenings.

    • It’s driving me mad. I’ve got a dentist appt tomorrow but not sure I’ll be able to actually open my mouth long enough and not cough

  6. I hope you feel better soon and the sheep too.
    I haven’t noticed the lighter mornings either….Ugh! It still seems so dark here.

  7. I hope you’re getting there now. I do love that view from your house, even more so now I’ve seen it for real. Totally off post, but how on earth have you already read 6 books!!! I don’t think I could have managed that even before my son came along. Mind you mine is wrong as one of the books I’ve read isn’t listed yet on their site #365

    • The trick is Christmas holidays, a Kindle reading at night (late nights), and not reading heavy books. I tend to read lots of chick lit, romance and crime, with a few literary ones thrown in. But 700 page tomes I’d avoid until I’d read a good slog of others and got myself ahead. Last year I was reading 3 in 1 books and series of 6-7 and they only count in Goodreads as 1 book which is a pain. But I do read quickly. I can read chick lit in a couple of hours if I blitz them. I have to get ahead now, and then I’ll usually do another burst around Sept time. Should really take books to swimming lessons, but tend to chat then

  8. They look like they have a lovely big field to graze. Ours are roaming widely now too but still needing hay top up now.

    • N’s ones are due to lamb early in February, so not sure where those ones are at the moment. Guess they’ll be brought closer soon

  9. sarahmo3w

    I must say I haven’t noticed the lighter mornings yet, but I’ve definitely noticed the lighter evenings! Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so poorly, hope you are starting to feel better now.

    • Getting there thanks. I’ve got a dentist appt tomorrow but not sure I’ll be able to keep my mouth open and not cough

  10. Aww I have never heard of a field of sick sheep but what a sweet image of them knowing they will get fed. #365 hope you feel better yourself soon

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