Queues.  We Brits are good at queuing, but unfortunately babies don’t know this.

Today, I decided that there was time to head to M&S cafe to grab a drink and then feed N his bottle (and some food).  Of course, just when I needed a quick nip in, the cafe was busy and there was a huge queue.  So me, with bottle of water in hand had to queue with him getting gradually more worked up, because the one person they had on the till was learning, and everyone in front of me was ordering hot food and hot drinks so holding things up.  Could have done with a ‘no hot drinks’ till methinks at busy times of the day…or two tills open.  Still, it just meant that we had a crying baby screaming the place down interrupting all their customers.

What did the person on the till say when I got there?  “Oh dear, not happy then?”.  Er, you don’t say?!  That’s because I’ve just had to queue for 20 minutes to enable me to buy 1 bottle of water so I can get a seat in your restaurant to feed my baby.  Blooming stupid thing to say.

Why is it that people say such stupid things when someone’s baby is crying, as though the mother doesn’t realise they have an upset baby.

What did make me pleased was that mine wasn’t the only baby crying.  Once we’d sat down and he was happy with his bottle, there was another poor mum in the queue with 3 children, the youngest in buggy screaming because they’d been waiting ages and she was hungry.

Restaurants need to realise that near lunchtimes they need to have speedy service and more people working.

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