I’ve always loved the sparkle of Shamballa bracelets (who doesn’t like a bit of bling?), thought I’d make some myself, but never got round to it.  So I was really pleased to receive a couple of the pretty bracelets from Cutey to review.

When I opened up the envelopes, it really hit me how sparkly the bracelets are.  I had a white on gold version and a multi-coloured one.  Both come with black cord, which gives a striking contrast.

shamballa bracelet
Cutey Shamballa bracelets

I’ve quite often struggled with bracelet sizing but because of this style having an adjustable fastening, it means you can adjust to fit – so plenty of spare if you’ve a larger wrist, and if you’re little (like N who was quite taken with with them), then you’ll have no problem with them falling off.  The only downside I found was that the knots are really tight which meant I struggled to move them with only one hand once they’re on my wrist.  I guess once they’ve been used a while, they might loosen slightly.  It’s reassuring though that the knots seem very secure – no danger of the bracelet unravelling and losing beads.

The gold bracelet is my favourite – it’s more subdued and will go with lots in my wardrobe, while the multicoloured would go brilliantly with neutral colours or monotone black and white to lift it slightly.  I love the purple and turquoise within that bracelet – they’d be more me than the mix.

shamballa  Cutey
Close ups and N counting with my shamballa bracelets

I think compared to other Shamballa bracelets I’ve seen, the £18.99 price point is a bargain.  I’d love there to be a gift bag option, as they currently come in a plastic bag – a gift bag would give you somewhere nice to keep it when not wearing it.

And for an alternative use, check out N practicing his counting with them…they even pass the toddler test of pulling and playing.

Cutey are a new brand so if you’re after one of these bracelets, then try them out.


Disclosure: I received 2 Shamballa Bracelets from Cutey for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

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