Generally N doesn’t have too many crisps (of course, being a child, he loves them and would eat them all day given the chance), but we like to try new foods, and with the OH liking crisps too, I was quite keen to try out new Walkers Mighty Lights when the opportunity arose; we were sent 3 multipacks to test and review.

As N doesn’t have lunch boxes yet (come September and his 2 days a week at his new nursery, he will be), crisps are a treat.  Sometimes he’ll have a few at lunchtime with his sandwiches and other times he’ll get given a few before tea when he’s over at his Gran and Gramp’s house.

I usually buy sharing bags and provide dips to go with them, as they’re better for divvying out the right amount for N’s plate, but multipacks are good when you all want different flavours or if you’re going out and about.  I also find that a multipack means N and I can share a bag (he’s not that keen on me taking ‘his’ crisps though, so not quite as horrendous for my healthy eating).

The Mighty Lights come in multipacks of 1 flavour, 6 packs.  We got sent the 3 different flavours, chicken (not usually chosen in our house), lightly salted, and cheese and onion.  Out of choice, I’d prefer to buy a slightly healthier crisp , so these fit the bill being 30% less fat and all natural ingredients.  I do like the fact that Walkers are working hard to reduce fat in their snacks as it means there’s a lot more choice for consumers.

So how did they go down in our house?

I have to say that N’s never been picky and turned his nose up at a particular flavour of crisp, so these went down as well as any others.  Today I gave him a choice of flavours, and he chose chicken (like most chicken crisp varieties, they’re suitable for vegetarians!).  They’re a ridgy crisp so great for keeping the dip on  and he demolished the ones I’d given him, then asked for more.  So definitely a success there.

Walkers Mighty Lights
Choosing which pack to have

I had a few with my jumbled leftover mixed up salad – a few crisps helps on texture, and a few can’t hurt, especially with the reduced fat levels on these.

Quiche and salad Mighty Lights

The other day we had friends round, and put out a bowl of chicken and the cheese and onion for everyone to dip into for lunch.   Of course the children were fans of the crisps, and I was quite impressed with the chicken flavour as I’d never usually choose that, but the flavour wasn’t too much.  I do prefer the salted and the cheese and onion flavours though – they go a lot better with dips as well.  I do find with Walkers’ healthier versions of crisps (the baked or these Mighty Lights ones) that the flavour’s not as strong as the original Walkers crisps, so much more my flavour level than super strong.

If I was looking for multipacks of crisps again, I’d definitely check these out in store as I quite like the ridge crisps at the moment, and the flavour’s at the right level for me.  I tend to look for healthier crisps too, so Walkers Mighty Lights definitely tick all my boxes with 30% less fat, and no artificial colours or preservatives.  I’d probably stick with the lightly salted ones though as they’re more likely to be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Disclosure: We were sent Mighty Lights to review, all opinions are my own.

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