left out for father christmas


    • Thanks Sarah. I think N was very pleased and surprised with some of the items Santa brought him

    • Thanks Sarah. He did bring some little things that N loves…Scooby Doo goo for one!

    • He didn’t even notice the letter until I pointed it out. He was more concerned that Santa hadn’t drunk all the water he put out (his choice not mine, I hasten to add) and the reindeer had left carrot.

    • Next year N will have to write his own letter to Father Christmas first. Was a first this year to receive one

  1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    I’m certain that they were grateful for those light refreshments (o:

    • Ours was a last minute thing. Puts the pressure on for future years though! Had a lovely Christmas thanks. Hope you did too.

    • Agree. Does make it really magical, although the letter from Father Christmas was a last minute decision.

    • I almost forgot, but luckily N remembered that I’d said he could leave something out. Must do better next year!

    • N was very upset that there was carrot left. I had to explain that the reindeer would be having carrots at every house, so they can’t eat everything!

    • He was the one who remembered to put the plate out. I was off to put him to bed when he remembered!

    • Thanks. Not really one for details, but Father Christmas obviously had a last minute change of mind

    • N wasn’t impressed though, because the reindeer hadn’t eaten all of them

    • It was a last minute thought, and to be honest I’m not sure N was that fussed. He was more concerned that FC hadn’t drunk the drink, or that that reindeer had eaten the whole carrot

    • Hmm, I think it was a last minute thought. I’m not sure N was that fussed about the note!

  2. Aw how lovely of Santa to leave a note! Hope you had a good Christmas 🙂

  3. I love the fact Santa took the time to leave a note. He must have enjoyed the mince pie! 🙂

    • No mince pie. It was a chocolate truffle – looked a bit tame on the plate, but am sure it was delicious

    • He did, despite N announcing that Father Christmas only comes when it’s snowing.

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