I’m a big fan of getting a bargain and I also like making money from selling unwanted items on (always good to get something back, although I’ll tend to lend things on if I know people are following behind in the baby stakes with a boy).

Nowadays there’s so many places to choose from.  I still tend to use ebay as you can list up to 99p for free anyway, but that’s a risk if you want to actually make a bit of money as you’ll not get back much once fees for paypal and ebay are paid.  But I always try and wait until the free listing weekends of which there seem to be a few as it means at least I can start listings at a reasonable price.  I guess it’s pretty successful on the whole if you list quite a few items at a time, although it does wind me up to see lots of watchers, and then no-one bids (or they wait til right at the end).  People recently have made a cock up doing that though; I’ve had 2 people forgetting to put their bid in and then missing the notifications on phones and the like so begging to buy the items if they’ve not already gone.  I prefer to bid early to set my stake in the ground – then I know I’ll not forget about it, plus there’s obviously the excitement in watching the bids and hating anyone else who bids and pushes it up (when there’s about 40 of the same item for sale, b*****r off and bid on a different item, leave this one for me!)

I’ve tried Gumtree…kind of.  In theory being local it should be good, but I find items sit on there for ages, people ask ridiculous prices, or items get sold/taken off sale and not removed.  I did ask someone for an item, offered £5 less as it had been on for ages, they accepted, but when I replied again to sort out collection time, they then turned round and said it was now off sale (although I saw it re-listed it again, then sold, at the full price I bet!).  I’ve not had much luck with selling either.  I think a lot of people don’t really know about Gumtree, and unless you’re central to your selling county (we’re stuck right out in the north), people seem to live at the other end so won’t travel.

Nowadays, Facebook seems to be leading the way – well it does if you want to give items away for peanuts! It astounds me how cheeky people are (and how sellers manage to hold their tongues).  Our local selling pages tend to be full of lots of people who live in the less salubrious area of our town, who seem to buy and sell on there all the time, and seem to expect people to deliver items to their door.  To me, it’s insane to expect that…they’re getting a bargain as it is, quite often items are immaculate, they then bargain down on the price….and then expect delivery!

The other night on one page I saw someone posting  a picture of a huge bundle of baby clothes – I’m not really sure why anyone would want 70+ items of size 0-3 baby items (unless they have twins maybe), but she was asking £40.  Seems reasonable to me, even if they were all supermarket items.  She hadn’t asked for offers, but to me, £5 off would have been fair to offer…nope, someone pipes up “will you do it for £15”.  I think I spluttered out loud.  I mean, that’s riduculous.  I know people struggle, but there’s also people selling for a reason who potentially need to make back some money to then buy the next stage up etc.  I think she managed to bargain her down to £25, but I still think that was mad to accept.

I’ve had people offer me  (for a craft system item which had an rrp of £60, bought for around £40 and only used once, plus I was throwing in a couple of freebies in with it) £15 less than I was asking.  I dropped the price a fiver, and that was it, no more negotiation, she didn’t want it.  I’m mean, I say £35 or very near offer….to me that means I’ll go a fiver less (in fact to clear out the space I’d probably have accepted a bit less again if they’d pushed), but people need their heads reading on what a near offer is.

Maybe I’m just too nice and not ruthless enough.  I think fair price, offer near in the hope someone’ll drop the price, but if I really want the item I’ll pay for it.

(Other cheekiness is rife on these selling sites as well….my online mum friends and I do quite often have a chuckle over some ‘wanted’ posts that appear on all our different local pages…many of them involve people asking for free pushchairs…”must be blue Quinny, 4 wheels, with carry cot and delivered”)

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