toddler making toast


    • Anything involving food means he has to learn how to use it quickly. I have to stop him using the oven (thankfully, he’s not tried the aga yet!)

    • I know, time whizz by, and all of a sudden they’re doing lots of really independent things. Would love for him to decide he wants to potty train though…he can do lots of things that he might not be expected to at this age, but just want him out of nappies now.

    • Still needs help with pressure to get the butter on the toast, and can’t cut properly, but otherwise he’s happy to do from start to finish (including plate in dishwasher…better than his dad!)

    • It only works because he loves doing it, and the end result. Now I have no say in doing it. He has to do it all

  1. Attachment Mummy

    Ooh, all grown up! Love how proud they are of themselves when they do these things, very cute. (Popping in from the Silent Sunday linky)

    • He loves it, although I do have to follow him round to check he’s not trailing bread bags/ties across the kitchen while doing it.

    • Ooh, he’s definitely a butter only kind of guy. Even though I bought some delicious passion fruit curd

  2. So cute, clever boy 🙂 could he teach my z please? 🙂

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