autumn leaves


  1. Amethyst Skies

    Love the autumnal spectrum of colours.

    • It’s such a short time frame to catch them in, especially now the wind’s got most of the leaves off. Thanks for popping by

    • Thanks, I really wanted to get in a nice Autumn picture, but generally the best views I see while driving and where there’s nowhere to stop. So nice to find one at home

  2. So cool how the colours go all the way from green to yellow

    • I usually see the best colours while I’m driving and unable to stop, so glad to get this at home

  3. Super Busy Mum

    Can’t beat Autumn colours! #silentsunday

    • Thanks for popping by. They’re great aren’t they. So much nicer to look at than just the greens

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    Gorgeous line up of autumn colours.

    • Hole? Had to go back and look. Just the corner where the trees stop, then there’s a bit of ‘garden & plants’ then the drive in front of our house. Bit of a mammoth drive due to being on the farm and having 2 houses worth of drive.

  5. Jocelyn (@ihavecards)

    Lovely range of autumn colours – beautiful.

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