boy with stick


    • Definitely. He was loving walking around with his stick, and very protective of it when the dogs were near!

    • Now, I’m not a gardener myself, so I’m prefectly happy to encourage him in whatever interest he may have in the hope that when he’s older, he’ll do my gardening! Not sure his Gramp will be pleased to see his hole digging though.

    • Thanks. He doesn’t seem to notice the cold – hence the one glove look he likes to sport! Just need to get him thicker welly socks now.

    • I thought it was, but he doesn’t seem to notice it. He’d go out without a coat (but with gloves and hat) if he had the chance.

    • It was funny, he just started hacking at Grampy’s dying plants. Not sure what he thought he was doing.

  1. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    Every boy needs a stick when out and about.

    • Oh yes, and N’s very attached to his. To be fair, it’s a good stick – great size for him!

    • He was definitely dressed up for it. The stick is now inside the house to avoid the dogs stealing it.

  2. Some little cutie looks like he’s in for an adventure.
    Don’t you just love wellies? ;D
    Happy Silent Sunday.

    • These are his old wellies which he insists still fit him! Must hide them/give them away so he has to wear the handmedowns that fit!

  3. Jocelyn (@ihavecards)

    Love how kids have to grab sticks! He doesn’t look too happy, though!

    • I’d probably told him to stop chewing his coat, or hurry up. He was enjoying it really

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