Stratford quilt tree


    • It’s great to see some colour aside from Christmas lights. this area at this time of year’s pretty dull so really attracted people over.

    • It’s a pretty cool tree without the blankets, but I love the colour now against the starkness of the tree

  1. Ahhh, brilliant! I love yarn bombing! There were little bits of it around the pedestrian crossing in our town back in the summer and a couple of them have still survived now….looking a bit Nora Batty’s stockings now tho! x

    • That’s always the problem after a while. But they always look nice while they last.

  2. Oh I’ve seen this before only in Melbourne…trees, lampposts and more are covered with crochet or knitting. Very colourful ;D

  3. Oh I’ve seen this before in Melbourne….trees, lampposts and seats were covered with crochet or knitting. It’s like a different kind of graffiti.
    So colourful and certainly brightens everything up! ;D

    • I love the idea but never seen it before. Maybe more places should do similar – much better than graffiti

    • It’s so colourful as well, against the boring brown of the trunk. Definitely livens up the winter.

    • It’s brilliant, isn’t it? N wouldn’t let me get any closer to read the poster explaining it. should google it really!

  4. Being Mum

    Reminds me of ‘Knit one, Pearl one’, when granny knits a cosy for her house. Wish I could knit!

    • It’s great. I spotted it from some way away, but didn’t get close enough to see what it was in aid of

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