ride on toys


    • Usually I have to park them up at night. He leaves them strewn, unless it’s something that can be boxed. Still need to train him better!

    • Typical boys, isn’t it! Usually it’s things attached behind the tractor as a plough, or sprayer etc.

    • Can you tell what colour tractors we have on our farm?! Thanks for popping by

    • That’s what I’m concerned about. We need to clear out some space really, but he does still play with it all…he’d definitely notice!

    • It’s only when ‘parking’ he bothers. Or lining up Tractor Ted dvds. The rest of the time, things just get thrown down!

    • It’s very important they’re lined up. Although it was morning, not evening.

    • Unfortunately morning. This was part of his play…still working on getting him to tidy up at the end of the day!

    • Happens a lot in this house. Now just need to get him to work on tidying and parking in the evening, rather than morning!

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