village dome


  1. Lovely picture – love the look on his face. we love Milletts but haven’t seen this christmas extravaganza!

    • It’s definitely a place we’ll be trying to get back to. So much on offer whatever the season and worth the 50 minute journey each way for us.

    • I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had there not been a little girl in it when we walked up. But definitely a great idea. Good job it wasn’t too busy, and that the children who’d had a go were happy to let the next person have their go. Obviously very polite children in Oxfordshire!

    • Definitely go. If you’ve been to Bicester Wyevale, this is much better. And there’s ice skating.

    • It’s definitely a great way to display what I would usually class as quite a tacky Christmas decoration. But done like this, it’s quite beautiful.

    • I never really thought about garden centres, but big ones have great gift sections, lovely displays and gorgeous decorations to buy, and obviously the extras like grottos, ice skating etc.

    • Am sure adults can go in the dome too, just might have to be on knees and not be able to fit your shoulders in.

  2. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Wow. That is so much better set up than at our local garden centre. I get an addition each Christmas but waiting for the sales this year! Happy Christmas 🙂

    • I was really impressed with the displays there. Much better than another garden centre. I haven’t seen many decorations this year that go with my colour scheme, so hoping to find something in the sales to add. Otherwise will have to look out next year!

  3. what a brilliant idea, inside a snowdome! great photo x

    happy christmas x

    • I thought it was a great idea too – great to help children see all around the display.

    • Only at Millets Farm garden centre – it’s a Frosts one. We did Santa’s grotto, didn’t do ice skating as it was too wet for my liking, but the displays in the garden centre were great for lights and these village house displays.

    • He loved it. He’d seen Father Christmas and not been scared for the first time, and the garden centre displays of lights and the village was brilliant. He spent a lot of time stroking the lit up reindeer!

    • He’s definitely got into it this year. And no longer scared of Father Christmas. Merry Christmas to you, and thanks for popping by

    • It was a better garden centre for displays than another near us. Wasn’t expecting the village products to be set up for proper viewing. Thanks for popping by

    • Thanks. He was a little stymied at first being told to go under the table and look for the hole, but loved seeing it from the middle.

  4. An Exeter Mum

    Great photo! Thought he was in a snow globe for a minute!! Merry Christmas 🙂

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