magnifying glass and toddler


    • He he, never thought about that. Maybe he’ll be the new Sherlock or CSI?

    • It was. I’ve never seen one so large – not sure what someone would really do with it. Would have to be decorative!

    • I know. I dread to think. I did worry it was a bit slippy to hold the handle. Thankfully he did put it down when I said.

    • Definitely loved the shop. Full of little nooks and crannies and lots of bits to pick up! Not good for my nerves though, worrying about what he could break.

    • Unless of course, you ram your eye right up to it, and wield it around miles away from where you’d be looking, like N!

    • It was a pretty ginormous magnifying glass. There was lots to see but I was too worried he’d drop it or break something to let him loose with it.

    • Not entirely sure. He noticed the magnifying glass in the men’s gifts area of a local shop, and decided to see what he could see – with me panicking and telling him to put it down.

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