watching balloons


    • Oh yes. Didn’t last for long though before food was served, and then back to play

    • It was amazing. Only a few minutes earlier, they’d been hooning around (well, a few had). Next instant, and they were all enthralled.

    • Just some helium balloons that someone had let go. The magic of simple things

    • I don’t think there was any amazing output either. It was just a few balloons on the ceiling.

  1. Oh, the wonders of childhood, look at those expressions, they range from joy, surprise, uncertainty.. .What were they looking at, seems like story time or puppet show, am I right?

    • It was balloons. Just simple balloons – although helium filled, so think they’d been let go at that point and were up in the ceiling.

    • Balloons. And helium balloons at that. Guess some of them (if not all) hadn’t seen those before.

  2. Woops sorry my phone went crazy and I hit send too quickly… I meant to say they look really engrossed in something 🙂

    • Ha ha. Didn’t you do that last week too?!

      Balloons. And helium balloons at that

    • Definitely. Was great to get them all looking the same way…the magic of balloons

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