balance bike riding in action


    • The overalls were a good idea, but waterproofs would have been better. He refused a coat as well so I’m sure he can’t have been that warm – he only moaned about cold fingers though.

    • Yep. Kind of makes me want to get my bike out as well (although way too cold for my liking)

  1. Balance bikes are great especially when there are puddles around.

    • Definitely. Big fan of balance bikes – and I’m sure he can go a lot faster on his bike than he could if it was a pedal one with stabilisers, especially on the gravel.

  2. Aw he looks so teenie but big at the same time! x

    • I know what you mean. The expanse of the drive. But wearing overalls makes him look so much taller (even though he’s only grown about 2 cm in the last year!).

    • Oh yes, cycling through puddles. So much more interesting than walking through them. His overalls were soaked by the time we went indoors.

    • He loves it. He had it for his 2nd birthday, so is a pro on it now. Must raise the seat when I remember! Next step pedal bike – might start looking in the summer

    • I love that I just caught it where both feet were off the floor. He loves his bike and is a bit of a loonatic on it. Wondering when to move him up to a normal bike – maybe in the summer?

    • These are his handmedown overall from his cousin. He’s excited he now fits into them (baggy/too long legs, but body’s a bit short). They don’t fit in his wellies though, so his waterproof trousers work better for cycling through puddles!

    • He loves it. Even a trip down to the bins means he has to take the bike out.

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