pyrite rocks


    • Thanks. There were so many great minerals but thought this would be a great mystery pic!

  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    No idea! I just like it because it’s shiny 🙂

    • Pyrite – lots of mineral rocks in Oxford Natural history museum. Definitely very shiny

    • It’s pyrite. Lots of minerals at Oxford Natural history museum. Really beautiful

    • It’s pyrite. Oxford Natural history museum has loads of mineral rocks on display and this was one

    • Pyrite mineral/rock. So shiny although couldn’t get the gold colour it really was to reflect in any photos

    • Funny you should say that. It’s pyrite, and I have some pyrite beads. They’re gorgeous

    • I knew it would stump people when I took it. It’s pyrite. Lots of minerals on display at the Natural History museum, but not many look like this!

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