preschooler and labrador


    • I don’t think there’d be much chance of training this dog though. Even my BIL’s collies aren’t up to much since the older one got too old!

    • True to form, yes the dog went loopy off on it’s laps of the house after I snapped the photo

  1. Nothing like an expanse of freshly mown grass! Looks like some fun was being had all round there! #SilentSunday

    • Oh yes, OH and N enjoyed the ride on mower getting it done. Looks so much neater.

  2. The mummy madness

    its been lovely getting out without a coat 🙂 lovely pic

    • Definitely. Shame it didn’t last long, but hopefully more good weather to look forward to

    • I loved this picture. Such a fluke getting them both standing the same and looking at the camera!

  3. Jo @ 3 Kids and a Gluestick

    Great photo! Looks like they are ready to begin a race 😉

    • You’re right. The dog was probably ready to charge off like a mad thing as soon as N moved.

    • Thanks, I think so too but I’m obviously biased.
      Our dogs aren’t really pets as they’re meant to be working dogs. This one’s gun shy though, so not really a very good purchase other than being a deterrent to unwanted people turning up at the farm!

  4. Leanne (

    awww best friends 🙂 #SilentSunday

    • The dog’s a protector and N just uses the dog as a play thing when he fancies it. Most of the time he tells her to ‘go away’

    • I think they were. The dog then just launched off like a nutter on laps around the houses

    • I think it’s a love hate relationship for N. The dog likes to try and lick him too much sometimes!

    • They do certainly get on well. We got Fern when N was just under 3 months old as a puppy so they’ve grown up together.

    • Thanks. Lucky shot as it’s really hard to get the dog to stand still, let alone with N

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