silent sunday tomato plant against the sky



    • Neither can I usually. The rocket done at the same time died, we’ve just sown a few sunflowers as well. But was pleased the tomato plants have kept going. Here’s hoping now they’re thinned out, they’ll continue.

    • Tomato plants from one of those supermarket ‘easy grow in a pot’ products. Just potted them all individually, so 15 -16 pots taking over my kitchen windows at the moment.

    • I can’t remember what Tom called it – but essentially putting the subject in a bottom corner/area, and focusing on getting a large amount of the background/surrounding in the photo.

    • It’s tomato plants. I’ve managed not to kill them so far, and now they’re all potted separately, so hopefully most of the 16 will thrive.

    • Definitely. The plants started well, I was concerned as I don’t have much (any) success with plants, but they’re doing well and now all separately potted

    • Tomato plants. Yesterday was chance to thin them out and pot them separately

    • Thanks. I was going to say it was my smartphone, but on this occasion I did have my point and shoot camera with me!

    • It is. I rescued them all back from the inlaws house where they’d been taken by the OH to avoid me killing them. So the pressure’s on

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