metal horse sculpture at Blenheim Palace



    • I’d think they’re there for a while, although didn’t get chance to read the notices next to them.

    • Something a bit different from the old history of the place. I love unusual sculptures like this too.

    • The sun did catch them really well – the horse looked like it had rainbows on. Definitely caught your eye as you walked in

  1. Those are lovely. Are they exhibits of the artwork of a particular artist?

    • They were by one artist, but I didn’t manage to get the name or read about the whys and wherefores. The joys of an impatient toddler.

  2. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Fantastic artwork, I love the greyhound 🙂

    • It’s pretty realistic isn’t it. There was a lion which was really good too

    • They are, aren’t they? I loved them – although N wasn’t fussed and just dragged me off to the playground!

    • They’re at Blenheim Palace at the moment. Think there were about 6 of them, all different animals

    • Blenheim is great. I love all the different events there are…not just the house and gardens to see.

  3. These look amazing and so effective. I’d love one in the front garden. Maybe a dragon.

    Thank you for linking up

    • They’d be pretty cool in a garden – talking point, for sure. And a dragon could look brilliant – you could add a knight as well

    • Not sure what they were made of. They were certainly catching the light nicely

    • Yes, the colours really stood out on rainbow colours, and drew you over to them

    • Thanks, they really caught my eye. I do like unusual but not too way out artwork!

    • Definitely eye catching. The sun on them really drew you to them with the colours.

    • Thanks. I was trying to get pictures without other people in which was proving difficult.

    • Not often that you see something that’s a bit different, but not so off the wall that’s it’s just plain odd!

    • Well recognised. Not sure how long they’re here for but they’re nice to see as you walk into the playground area.

    • They were at Blenheim, in the gardens area. Something a bit different as you walk in to the play area!

    • They are. There were several more as well, but too many people around to get decent photos of them.

  4. Oh my! How cool! Where is this? I love finding treasures like this.

    • At Blenheim Palace in the pleasure gardens. On the way into the playground area. Nice to see something different alongside the (tad shabby) model replica houses

  5. Jo @ 3 Kids and a Gluestick

    These look wonderful. I bet they look lovely with the sun shining off them 🙂

    • They definitely caught the eye as we walked in. The rainbow colours that bounced off were lovely

  6. Is it ribbon or metal? So very effective and I wonder if there’s a special symbolism?

    Calling over from My Sunday Photo.

    • It was metal. I didn’t get the chance to read the artist notes beside them as N was dragging me off to the playground, but they were pretty effective as you walked in

  7. Leanne

    WOW this looks Fantastic!!! was it just made from different coloured bits of Metal? #MySundayPhoto

    • Yes, there were a few different ones, a gold coloured lion, and the silvery based ones. Really lovely in the sun

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