Burton dassett hut


    • It would be lovely if it was like this every day. We’d all be so fit and healthy being outside all the time!

    • From the number of other people walking their dogs, it was obviously a great place to go. Lots of different directions to walk in, and plenty of benches to stop and look at the view or have a break.

    • It is lovely. So open, and I don’t expect it gets massively busy even in warmer weather

    • It does look a bit like that. Disgraceful I’m only round the corner and don’t seem to have been there before, and others have been lots!

    • Thanks. It’s one of my ‘that might be a good shot, I’ll just stick my phone in that direction and hope a picture comes out ok’ photos. They tend to work quite well.

    • It’s actually the little hut that the car parking money guy used to sit in. Now there’s pay & display

      • I’m spouting rubbish. Not sure what it is. Just round stone building – no entrance, so maybe just a lookout/guidance tower?

  1. Amelia Appletree

    Beautiful photo. Lovely blue skies!

    • Deceptive isn’t it? Totally different to today which started off frosty, and ended up grey, raining and misty.

    • Thanks. Totally covers up the fact that it was so blustery up there that you almost felt like you could blow off the hills.

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