boy in metal bowl playground equipment


    • He was. He’d been briefly allowed in the playground before we headed home

  1. twinstiarasandtantrums

    Was he scared or enjoying himself there?

    • I agree. Really loved the few photos I took of him in there. It’s great to be able to watch them play. Thanks for stopping by

    • He did have. He loves a good playground, even if this one was mostly aimed at older children. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Oh mine love them at the park! Judging by the lighting it looks like a cracker of a day!

    Totally unrelated but love the design of your blog!

    • It was a great day. Really warm and sunny.

      (Thanks on the blog design – I love it too. Helen did a great job)

  3. Michaela - TwoLittlePaines

    looks like lots of fun, we don’t have any of those near us πŸ™

  4. Someone is having A LOT of fun there in the sun. Great photo. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. #sundayphoto

    • It was a beautiful day, and really was blazing down right on the playground. Lovely (although not for photo squinting!)

  5. amanda walsh

    You spin me right round baby right round!
    My gang love these at the park #MySundayPhoto

    • Good anthem to sing along to the play with!

      Definitely sounds like they’re popular

    • Thanks for hosting.

      We’d never seen them before either, but now we’re seeing them everywhere.

    • He enjoyed himself. I was frantically trying to persuade him to leave so we could get to the farm shop before it shut!

    • They’re great aren’t they. All the kids of different ages seem to like them

    • We’ve never seen them before, but now they seem to be cropping up everywhere. Definitely popular with the children

    • Yes. We’d not seen them before this, but since then have seen them everywhere.

    • We’d never come across them before, but all the kids were lining up to have a go, so they’re obviously very popular

    • He probably would have stripped off if he’d had the chance! It was a beautiful warm day

    • Thanks. The light was just perfect (although maybe a little too bright). Got some lovely photos that day.

    • It was. It was lovely and sunny, but probably not the best for reflective surfaces

    • It’s one of the big rotating ‘dishes’ that you find in some playgrounds. I’d never come across them before until last week, but since then we’ve seen them in every playground we’ve been to

    • He was. This was pretty much the only thing in the playground that was small enough for him

  6. Leanne

    oooo this looks like fun, is it one of those spinny rounding things? lol #MySundayPhoto

    • Yes. I’d never seen them before until the other week, and since then we’ve seen them at every playground.

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