caterpillar on geraniums


    • Mm yes. I keep finding new chomped leaves. And today I found 2 doing a bit of a dance. They’re growing really quickly so obviously pigging lots!

  1. Such a beautiful detailed picture reminding me how much I miss when I don’t intentionally slow down. Hard to do with children but all the more important, right?

    • Definitely so hard to take time out as there’s so much to do on top on looking after and enjoying the children

    • I remember collecting them up when we were children. Can’t remember what we did with them, but I loved my bug boxes.

  2. Where is the little guy going I wonder? Happy Sunday!

    • Thanks. Couldn’t believe how many I found. Will have to keep an eye and see if we can find any crysalis’ when the caterpillars disappear

    • Hope so. We’ve got lots of caterpillars, but not sure the butterflies would be hanging around our garden. Not much for them – next door’s buddleia maybe

  3. A caterpillar! Jumpy proudly brought one in the house yesterday. Poor thing might never become a butterfly…

    • Oh dear. No danger of that here. N wouldn’t go near them let alone touch them

    • Thanks. this was the best shot I got, but the other caterpillars are a stronger orange and black colour.

    • Yep, they’ve been chomping my geranium leaves. Thankfully the tomato plants seem to have escaped.

    • Thanks Sarah. Not sure. I did show N the caterpillars but he didn’t want to get too close, and wasn’t that interested. He’s more excited at getting to help water the flowers!

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