having the changing room to yourself


    • It’s deceptive. He spent most of his swimming lesson saying ‘I can’t’ and ‘I’m too tired’!

    • Thanks. Yep, managed to snap some while making use of an empty changing room. Usually it’s cramped in there

  1. Lovely picture.
    Great to see little ones loving going swimming as fun but also so essential as a life skill too

    • Thanks. N’s a bit up and down with his swimming. Lack of confidence I think, even when he does do well.

  2. Looks like someone’s been swimming. My little ones had their swimming classes today as well!

    • Yes, not so keen on all the exercises today. One excuse was ‘my hip is tired’!

    • Yes. All the other parents in our lesson were men so we had the changing room to ourselves. Bliss!

    • I know. He’s grown another 2 cm in the last couple of months, so 4 cm since May!

    • It was swimming. We had the changing room to ourselves as all the other parents were dads!

      • Ah of course – should have realised from the wall behind – not your typical bathroom wall that! Hope you had a fun time swimming πŸ™‚

    • I wish. It was post swimming, and he was faffing around making a glove out of the snack bag.

    • Thanks. It doesn’t last; as soon as it’s dry, it flops back into position.

    • It was post swimming. Empty changing room, so took the opportunity for a photo.

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