golf ball at Stowe


    • Blue blue and more blue! We like the colour in our house, although not sure wellies were needed!

  1. Michaela - TwoLittlePaines

    glad to see its not just my child insisting on wearing wellies in the sun!! lovely photo 🙂

    • I did let him as I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t be a bit muddy in places. But he ended up looking a bit silly. But dry feet

  2. Great pensive moment, looks like he is just preparing himself for the next round!!! #sundayphoto

    • It’s actually confusion I think. couldn’t work out why the balls wouldn’t move.

    • Ha ha. Yep, there were different colours. Someone walking by near us explained to their children that they’re to signify where you tee off from. So 3 colours – 1 for men, 1 for women and 1 for pros

    • I think it’s more frustration and pondering why the ball wouldn’t move.

    • It’s a deceptive look! Actually wondering why the damn thing wasn’t moving.

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