Sleep habits

N’s always been a good sleeper since he started sleeping through at night.  He’s always liked his sleep, night times and nap times, although we do get a bit of flexibility around times if we’re out later or need him to nap at a different time.

He’s now moved from sleep bags to duvet and pillow.  It only took a night for him to get used to having a duvet over him instead of sleeping alongside it.  Now he really likes to snuggle under it, even at nap time.

He does have some funny habits and preferences.

We say ‘night night’ and ‘have a good sleep, see you in the morning’.

His response “night night” and then “bye bye”.  What does he think we get up to once he’s asleep?  Go out and party?

At nap times he’s started asking for his socks off.  He’s obviously is an ultra warm person and likes to have cooler feet.

What strange sleep habits do your little ones have?

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  1. My son insisted on wearing socks in bed until his third birthday when we persuaded him that ‘big boys’ didn’t need socks. It stemmed from me putting him in socks when I first put him under a blanket as he used to wriggle out and I didn’t want him to have cold feet. We had many complicated rituals to try and persuade him to sleep better – night lights on or off, background noise, avoiding background noise, blackout curtains, different thickness of sheets or blankets – nothing worked!

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