While I prefer butterflies out in the open in the garden, I can’t resist a butterfly world or room specifically for taking photos.  I think these are owl butterflies due to the big ‘eyes’ but I didn’t see any signs explaining the butterflies in the room at Twycross Zoo.

I like the way the browns of the butterflies stands out from the bright colours of the fruit they’re feeding on.

butterflies on fruit at Twycross zoo - My Sunday photo



  1. I have a thing about butterflies, they are just gorgeous and you have captured it well. I love the details. xx

  2. A great shot… especially the contrast because it’s usually the butterfly that is the brighter colours.

  3. The contrast is incredible, especially when it’s the butterflies that are the most brightly coloured. A great shot!

  4. They really are stunning butterflies, i look forward to visiting butterfly farms in the summer #MySundayPhoto

    • Thanks. I usually use my mobile until my camera’s used to it while the lens cap is on. It does take a while though

  5. We’re looking forward to the butterfly house at the Natural History Museum opening again this month – definitely worth a trip! #MySundayPhoto

  6. Fantastic photo. I love the contrast between the brown butterflies and coloured fruit too.
    You’ve reminded me that Twycross was the zoo I used to go to as child, although I probably last went when I was about 8. It was so long ago, that they used to have chimps’ tea parties for entertainment!

  7. Lovely photo.The butterflies don’t look real. I have yet to take one decent photo of a butterfly, so hold on that one!


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