It’s been really chilly this week, and it culminated in me spotting this lone icicle hanging next to the bedroom window.

Of course I didn’t have my big camera, only my phone. But given I had to bend my arm holding the phone out of the window in an uncomfortable position, I didn’t mind. Thankfully my phone camera is pretty good and I could get in the trees in the icicle.

icicle off the roof
Gutter icicle


  1. I love nature…i love science and this just captures it.
    Something beautiful about ice! Sorry for the late comment! #mysundayphoto

  2. This is fab, icicle fascinate me they are so pretty. We get loads on our roads when its freezing the road is wet, they always look a little muddy but still very dramatic x

  3. That’s a fine photo and I appreciate bending your arm every which way to get a shot. I tried to get dripping ice shots yesterday but no luck. Nice shot.

  4. Well I actually shivered, looking at that! Well done for reaching out and snapping it. #MySundayPhoto

  5. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    I love how you’ve captured the tree in the icicle!

  6. My wife would say “only you could say that” but I’d recommend getting your guttering looked at. An icicle like that could be a sign of a bigger underlying issue. That said… the way you’ve caught the tree in the icicle. And who can deny it: camera phones are great these days.

  7. I know what you mean…. It has been very snow here in NY as well … I can’t wait for Spring..
    Incredible photo… Now, you know you can also rely on your phone for good pictures at anytime.

  8. That really is quite an icicle – hope it didn’t end up falling on anyone’s head!

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