Our labrador is meant to be a gun dog.  We went to pick her up when N was just under 3 months old, so they’ve grown up together.  She’s a lovely temperament, is great around children and is a good protector. She is a rubbish gundog though, because she’s gunshy. She’s too nervy and doesn’t like loud noises.  So she mostly just roams the farm all day.

This morning though, I’d opened the door to get a shot of the sunrise only to find her ambling towards me. The photo is typical dog.  She was here waiting for strokes and cuddles which she had in big supply from N.  But was also sitting, quivering as though she was about to charge off on one of her nutty ‘greyhouse’ style runs around the farmhouse.

My Sunday Photo - Black Labrador
Posing black labrador


  1. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Beautiful smooth coat but definitely ready for zoomies! 🙂

    This photo has made me miss my Stella so much but also made me smile with happy memories of my own gunshy girl.

  2. what a shame she is scared to do what man bred her kind for. Our last dog hated loud bangs etc but this one is not phased by anything ( other than other dogs) #MySundayPhoto

  3. Oh she is just gorgeous! If we had a dog I think we’d have to have a black Lab. I bet she gets lots of cuddles and love from N, too

  4. Such a beautiful dog, G has just been browsing the #mysundayphoto link ups and he chose yours because your doggy looks like ours! Enjoy your fur baby cuddles

  5. Don’t you just love it when dogs quiver with expectancy? Ours do the same in the morning, they are just so excited to see us. She looks lovely in the photo and it makes a change to see a lab that isn’t portly.


  6. Beautiful coat, reminds me of our old Labrador when I lived with my parents. You would just have to cuddle any dog that looks at you like that. #MySundayPhoto

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