collecting conkers - silent sunday photo


  1. Oh how cute! Capturing conkers in his taggie blanket. I love the fact that they’re all lined up on the grass ready to go! A lovely shot of Autumn

    • It’s a bit wrecked now. Plus I need to wean him off carrying it everywhere again. Not sure why he’s started that again.

  2. Love his little collection, must take my son out this year to teach him about conkers, thanks for the reminder!

  3. I remember ‘Conkering’ as a child. Some fond memories being made right there!

    • I made it for him, bits need restitching up, and most of the ribbons have now got really faded and frayed due to use.

  4. Look at him go. That little cloth is pretty cool too. Happy Sunday!

  5. I’ve only seen one conker until now ;D
    You obviously need such a great deal of concentration for conker collections
    Enjoy your Sunday

  6. Auck, this picture oozes cuteness. He is using his softie to gather cookers, how sweet!xx

    • He was calling it his bag – handier way to carry them rather than his pockets

    • Thanks for stopping by Clio. I do try and encourage him to find the big conkers rather than the tiddlers

  7. HelpfulMum

    Hat looks like a lovely collection! We are still waiting for the conkers to drop here. Hopefully this week!

    • The couple on our tree haven’t dropped yet, so we’re waiting patiently for those.

  8. Oh someone is having a little treat. Lovely. Great photo. #sundayphoto

    • It’s still so warm though – it’s odd seeing leaves turning and on the ground when it’s still t-shirt weather

    • He seems to be carrying it around everywhere now. I really need to get rid of it, as he doesn’t need it.

    • Me too, we used to go to a road called conker alley – just a whole single track lane with horse chestnuts along it all the way.

  9. Mummy's Blog

    ah, conkers! We spent yesterday collecting them! x

    • We need to go somewhere really good. We’ve just been collecting random ones at the moment.

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