maize maze at hatton


  1. I’d love to have a good run through that like we did when we were kids 😉 (Not sure the farmer would be pleased like)

  2. What a great photo! You must really notice the seasons as they change xx

    • Yep, everything’s such a cycle, although I am a bit removed (and have loss of memory at some points of year – now N tells me more about what’s going on if I get it wrong!). This wasn’t ours, it was at Hatton and their maize maze.

  3. HelpfulMum

    Love the lines in this picture. I bet it looked so much different a few weeks ago!

    • This was the maize maze at Hatton. When we went away in October, the maize was pretty much over then too. Ours had been harvested ages ago, but I suppose for the maze they planted it later.

    • Yep, although not ours. We’d be horrified at leaving some to waste and not having drilled and sowed next years crop yet! This was at Hatton and their maize maze.

    • It’s a maize maze at Hatton. I’m presuming they do cut it back before re-seeding. N was gutted it only opened til September so he missed it.

    • Not ours no. All our maize gets harvested. This was the maize maze at Hatton Adventure World. N wanted to go in, but it closes in September.

    • I was struggling to decide between this one and a close up one just of the maize. But I liked the lines and extra interest of the trees in this one

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