rocket fireworks


    • I did. N wasn’t keen on all the bangs, even though he’d refused to wear his ear defenders. Shame, as they were much better than last year’s display

  1. Lovely shot, it looks like a palm tree. Around where I live the palm trees are decorated at Christmas with lights and that’s what I first thought of.

    • It made me think of palm trees too. Love the idea of them all being decorated with lights. I can’t wait for the lights to go on here.

    • I did cheat. My new Sony smartcamera I won from Annie’s competition has a fireworks smartmode that works (unlike my attempts at manual to get them!)

    • Me too. Need to work on N as he wasn’t keen on the display yesterday – too loud (he refused to wear his defenders)

    • Shame you didn’t have some for bonfire night near you. I love the occasion of it.

    • Me too…I did have a good smartmode that worked, unlike my manual attempts

    • Thanks, I reckon with fireworks, getting them in shot is one of the hardest parts

  2. rachelreallife

    A lovely capture there! I am rather envious, we didn’t manage to get to a display in the end this year!

    • We didn’t stay long at the village one. N didn’t like the noise – although he refused to put on his ear defenders which was a bit annoying after paying to get in

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