Frosts at Millets Farm 2014 Christmas display


    • It’s great free entertainment and viewing, and if you go at a good time, empty. Much more interesting than the garden centres of my youth that my mum used to drag us round

  1. Christmas is definitely on its way! Lovely watching them become completely memorised by something isn’t it? I really must find some displays to take my girls to look at 🙂

    • I’m planning a drive round town. N loves spotting the houses with their displays

    • Most definitely. Just pretty lights and gorgeous displays can’t fail to delight

  2. HelpfulMum

    Wow, that looks like a completely magical place.

    • Millets Farm garden centre – Frosts. I love their Christmas shop, and so does N…once I’ve managed to drag him to the lighting area.

  3. Oooh, he looks mesmerised by the lights and the view, such a memory to treasure!xx

    • You should see the rest of the shop decorations. The best is being able to stand in the dome of the table amongst the village model, but N refused this year.

  4. I just love this so cute, you can see in his body language the wonder he is feeling, it is such a magical time isn’t it x

    • I love the lights and decorations, and it seems if lights are involved, so N does too. It’s great to see their faces when they spot something like this.

    • You can’t beat them, and apart from maybe stopping for a coffee, it’s free! We did ice skating as well, but otherwise it was for the decorations!

  5. We’ve had a few moments like that with the kids ourselves. Christmas really is upon us now isn’t it?

    • Oh yes. We’re keeping a watch out for all the houses in town with lighting displays, although we haven’t got our tree up yet.

    • Oh yes. He didn’t want to go in the Christmas shop, but once I dragged him over here, he loved it

    • He does love lit up decorations, and especially when he gets to spot the animals

  6. Lovely scene. Definitely falls into the category of “A penny for your thoughts?”

    • Yes. N’s not usually that vocal when answering questions, but he couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards

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