christmas tree reindeer bauble


  1. HelpfulMum

    Wow, what a gorgeous decoration. I bet that was really hard to make.

    • I remember what a nightmare it was with our old family cat. He loved batting the baubles

    • Thanks Vicky. I love it, not like too many you see. Enjoy your Christmas too

    • So tempting aren’t they. You can never see the same again the year after, so have to grab them when you see them. Have a lovely Christmas

    • Not sure, I don’t think so because it was a Homebase one, and wouldn’t have been homemade prices! I’m too much of a cheapskate

  2. Ah that is beautiful! I don’t think it would last long in this house though. Have a great Christmas x #MySundayPhoto

    • Surprisingly we’ve only ever had one broken bauble since N, and that was a really cheapo one thankfully.

    • sssh, the new camera helped. Although the tree’s in quite a dark corner of the room which does make it hard

  3. Really good picture, I’ve seen other people taking pictures of these glass baubles and they work so well. Have a good Christmas.

    • Thanks John. It took quite a few attempts, but came out better than some of the coloured ones.

  4. Mummy's Blog

    Oh that’s gorgeous, I keep seeing so many lovely pics of decorations, I want to revamp my whole tree!

    • I’m the same. I wanted to add in some teal blue this year, but didn’t really see anything I liked. Next year I want to get a proper big full tree though. I’ve had this cheapo one for 10 years.

    • It’s a reindeer I think. Not usually my kind of thing, but it’s really neutral and not tacky so I love it.

    • Think it was Homebase last year. I try and get a new treat bauble each year, but last year I ended up with several gorgeous new ones

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