john deere tractor and gator


    • Thanks. Yes good to meet you. Sorry if I seemed a bit surprised to see you. I’d had a pimms – sure that sent me a bit loopy!

  1. Michaela - Two Little Paines

    great photo, my little boy is looking and getting very jealous!

    • Going on his cousin who was driving the tractor, it’ll only be about 10 years! Ahhhh

  2. Mummy Hargreaves (Kerri-Ann)

    Excellent, made me smile #MySundayPhoto

    • Yep, was so funny watching N chasing the tractor round as it turned at the end.

    • Definitely. N was trying to keep up, but the tractor kept going off out of sight, which I don’t think he quite grasped!

  3. That is so unbelievably cute, I suppose its inevitable living on a farm though. He must love being like Daddy?

    • He loves being out with his dad on the farm. this was one of his cousins. I was dreading him being told he could sit up with him, but the cousin had obviously been told, that only he could go alone on the tractor.

    • Bit of a fluke. Everytime I got my camera ready, one or the other moved. It took a while to get with me getting a bit ratty about it!

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