• He really is. Apart from being more tired than usual, he loves it and is coping really well

  1. It looks like the little wee toot is ready for every eventuality! ;D
    You can’t beat water play on hot summer days (I just wish we had some heat here)
    Enjoy your Sunday

    • Thanks. Definitely beautiful weather here (inbetween rainstorms), but too hot to do too much out and about

    • Aw, I’ve never heard of anyone being afraid of umbrellas. But actually they can be a bit vicious sometimes.

    • We just have no shade in our garden, so this was initially set up to keep one corner of the pool under a bit of cover. that was the theory anyway

  2. This looks exactly like something Harry would do, he would definitely take an umbrella intended for shade to play with!

    • It was meant to be corner shade for the paddling pool as we have no shade in our garden. He wanted it to be mobile!

    • It’s taken all summer to get the paddling pool out as the outdoor tap’s in next door’s garden rather than ours. Takes too long filling one from the kitchen sink with a watering can. We had to borrow theirs!

    • Obviously I set up the colour coordination (not!). The umbrella was meant to be to provide a bit of shade, but he wanted to dunk it in

    • Didn’t stay stood up for long. Ended upturned on the water – think N wanted to try and use it as a boat at one point!

    • It was meant to be as shade by the paddling pool, but he decided to take it off wandering

    • We have no shade in the garden, so it was stuck in the corner of the paddling pool. He decided to take it walkabout

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