meeting a disney princess in Asda


    • It was in Asda. We don’t really do Disney as N’s not fussed, but there was a whole area set up in Asda

  1. This my daughter’s favourite shot of the day! And I totally understand why. Sweet xx

    • I think it was probably bewilderment and wondering what it was. He’s never seen Disney really.

    • Seems like a theme – lots would love that. wonder if you could ask in store for it afterwards – I bet there’s a waiting list.

    • Ha ha, I could just imagine you trying to stuff it in a trolley. N was trying to walk off with a giant rabbit!

  2. Lovely photo. Love how he doesn’t care that is princess and pink! 🙂 that is how all kids should be. x

  3. What a lovely place to sit! Love that he’s not remotely bothered that it’s girly! Give him another couple of years and there’s no way he’ll sit there!

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