herding geese


  1. clair downham

    what a fab photo me and the kids love going on a walk near the local canal and river to see the ducks and geese

  2. Tracy Nixon

    Ahhhh lovely! We have a family of swans living close to us – two adults with 6 little ‘ugl ducklings’ as my kids call them! So lovely to see animals and birds as ‘families’!

    • They were great. Fun watching the children be the hurdles and walkways for them!

  3. I’m with Sara on this, I started smiling as soon as I saw this. Great photo.

    • It’s a fab gaggle. They were brilliant, although obviously the sheepdogs were better!

    • I don’t even remember seeing them that neat. Must have just caught them at the right moment

  4. Love it, I was just saying the other week that when geese run they look like they should have arms 😉 Really fab picture.

  5. Perfect all in a little row. Love it. So cute. Animals are fun to photograph. #sundayphoto

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