We went to Stanwick Lakes Country Park, and they have a great adventure playground complete with water play areas. Perfect for the hot weather, and I was pleased that I’d thought to take not only a change of clothes, but a pair of swim trunks.

My Sunday Photo - water at Stanwick Lakes
Stanwick Lakes fun in the water play area


  1. That looks like fun! This is why my bag is always so heavy because I have so many things in there too. Like my just in case moments. Most of the time I dont use it though and my back is paying for all the weight =P


  2. I would have liked to get wet too on a hot day, but I probably would not have been so well prepared! #MySundayPhoto

  3. Sounds like a great place to play. Well done on remembering the spare clothes and trunks #MySundayPhoto

  4. Good thinking and looks like the kind of muddy water most kids would love to slop around in. Sounds like a fun park. The more water features the better I say.

  5. Ha ha, yes, just as well you did go prepared! It would seem N was having lots of fun. #MySundayPhoto

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