A day off work and off holiday club for N, found us heading to London for the day.  The day’s plans actually went as I intended, and the day was beautiful and sunny.  Not like the last time we went.

We saw various sights, but this was taken just after we alighted from our City Cruises river trip at Westminster pier.

My Sunday Photo - London Shard and lamppost Aug 2016
Shard and blue old fashioned street lamp


  1. What a fantastic shot. Captures the old and the new.
    The shard wasn’t built the last time I was in London!
    What a great angle to shoot it from

    • T hanks Alan. I didn’t plan it at all, I just like lights an the composition worked out really well.

  2. lisa@intotheglade

    A beautiful photo, the sky is amazing. It sounds like a great day xx

  3. Yay I hope you had a great day. I realise how rarely I snap photos of London because I see it every day but it’s something I’m working on changing. This is a gorgeous photo and beautiful blue sky! X #MySundayPhoto

  4. Never get bored of photos of London. Hope you had a great trip

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Ah, you too! I will be doing a write up of a City Cruises trip shortly. Only thing is, you clearly went on a sunny day. It was very great when we did it. Love the mix of old and new in this pic.

    • Yes, very warm when we were there. Too hot for the tube for me really! Didn’t start off so beautiful, but by the time we arrived it was lovely . Our last London visit was raining, so we were owed a decent day!

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