water feature nude statues at blenheim palace


    • Thanks for your comment. It’s at Blenheim Palace. Must try and get to Tatton next time I’m visiting my best friend.

  1. My eye is drawn to the beautiful gree of the water….niot that I’d want to swim in it! Loads of great shapes in the pic too.

    • The water was pretty grim. We didn’t get too close.
      Thanks for your comments

    • I know, looked disgusting. Even N didn’t look keen when he went to have a nosy!

    • Thank you. I was really pleased I noticed and decided on that rather than a front on version

  2. i really love this shot. the angles and the way the stairs take your eye up and up are great. and those statues? whatever you call ’em are wonderfully snapped.

  3. Gorgeous shot – love the angle you’ve taken this at and the reflections on the water. Was this at Blenheim palace?

    • Yes, Blenheim. I just caught it as we were walking down the steps and thought the angle would be more interesting than straight on

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