So this week’s Gallery theme is Family.  We’re lucky because we have all of our in-laws within a mile or so, so lots of cousins for N to play with, and my family nearby too.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we have lots of family photos though (in fact, we don’t have a reasonable one of N, OH and me from the 17 months that N’s been around.  Quite disgraceful.

However we do try and take a Gramp & grandchildren photo during the summer months.  Last year’s photo was the first in a while so it’s great to have a photo with all the grandchildren in it.

Do check out the other Gallery photos linked up here.


  1. So precious to keep these photos of all the grandparents and grandchildren. They will bring back so many happy memories. Lovely.

    • So true. I don’t have any pics that I really recall with lots of my family together so it’s lovely to know that N will have lots to look back at

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