N wears a lot of blue – it’s a bit of a theme in our family.  He looks good in it, and it goes with basically every colour.

But I’ve tried to inject a few other colours into his wardrobe.  Recently I found this great t shirt in Sainsbury’s and snapped it up.  I have a feeling it was under a fiver as well, which is always good value as I know their clothes keep their shape (well, apart from pyjamas).

I wasn’t sure how N would take it to, but he didn’t bat an eyelid at being offered a totally different colour.  Interestingly, I’d only had a conversation last week with his best friend’s mum about purple boys t shirts because she’d also got on for her son, and he’d initially refused to wear it.

purple t shirt watching tv
  • Purple t shirt – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Tan chino shorts – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Sandals – Pediped

We’re linking up with Trendy Thursday. Do pop over and see what other styles children are wearing.


  1. Haha..this reminded me of my daughter, she hates anything bright! Your little one looks dapper in his new outfit..Purple might be his colour in the future once he sees how well it suits him…:)
    TU has some good clothes, I make sure I get our uniforms from there as they really seem to last longer!

    • I’m a big fan of Tu myself too. The pjs are a bit suspect for N, but shorts, trousers, tees and jumpers have gone down really well. They fit and wash well, don’t fade, or shrink. Plus you can get some great offers. I’m a fan of finding an item like shorts, and buying them in every colour, so N does wear a lot from there!

      Kids are funny with what colours they do and don’t like. N isn’t that fussy yet, so really easy to buy for. The hardest part is trying to persuade him to a) try on shoes/get measured and b) wear socks. A theme here, methinks!

  2. That’s a really cute tee & I think purple looks great on him! I love purple especially on my boys. Don’t think I have enough of it! X

    • I reckon make the most of different colours before they grow up and no longer ‘suit’ certain ones! It’s just finding bottom halves that don’t clash too badly that’s the challenge

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