With the weather having improved and warmed up, it’s been a case of sorting through N’s wardrobe and working out what we have that’s suitable for the ‘moving into summer’ season.

Shorts are going to be a problem unless he hurries up and gets out of nappies as I think he’ll struggle in age 2-3, so I’m obviously going to have to buy some more shorts, but we’ve plenty of t shirts to be going on with.

I’ve just bought him some basic pumps as well, so they’ll do the job until it’s sandals weather.  Last year I struggled to find leather sandals with a covered toe, so hopefully I’ll spot some this year early on and we get a full season’s wear out of them.

Because N’s debating on toilet training (keep your fingers crossed that there’s been progress at nursery although today wasn’t too hot), he’s been in pretty scruffy gear, so it’s easy enough to pull up and down without needing buttons undoing.  But we did find some summery trousers bought in last year’s sale, that were perfect for the warmish weather we’ve been having. .

They’ve got a slight stripe to them, but are a pale grey, so really any colour t shirt goes with them.  N’s currently refusing to wear jackets or jumpers (he does get hot quickly when playing), so he’s been wearing a lot of long sleeved t shirts recently.  To go with the trousers, we decided on navy & white stripes; although I thought it might be a bit pale and insipid, he looked really cute, and like his age, instead of some clothes where he looks a lot older.

He seemed happy in what he was wearing, so in the morning for the first time in a while, there were no moans about him wanting to choose something different.  Result!

stripy top and trousers pose
  • Trousers – Next (I don’t remember buying these but they were in the sales!)
  • T-shirt – Gap (can’t have enough long sleeved t shirts for layering or inbetween weather)

We’re linking up with Trendy Thursday again, so you can find out what other youngsters are wearing via the button below.


  1. Cutie 🙂

    Stripes are a classic, that’s for sure!

    It’s hard when they are going through the potty training phase – he will get there! But when you’re in the middle of it you do end up sticking with the easy to use not so nice clothes… It won’t be forever!

    • Here’s hoping we get some warmer weather over easter so he can run round in shorts

    • I go through phases with them, but you can’t beat the plainer ones for layering. Plus they often have good offers on them…I’d never buy at full price.
      Thanks for commenting

    • I love stripes too which is a good job as that’s pretty much what’s around for boys if you don’t want logos (oh, the occasional checks!). Thanks for popping by

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