I’m trying to catch up with my blog posts, and have managed to catch up with Trendy Toddler Tuesday (still to catch up on Listography but that takes a lot more thinking about!).

Today N was in a bit of his dubious colour combinations (green hawaiian shorts with clashing red socks – mostly hidden by his shoes, so I think we got away with it!), but as I didn’t get round to taking any photos today we’ll share yesterday’s outfit.

Shorts seem so much easier than trousers, so it’s great that we’ve now got a bit more consistent sun so we can make the most of N wearing shorts.  It also means less mess when splashing in puddles (although with short legs and long body it means shorts aren’t usually that short on him!).

toddler in wellies and shorts
Shorts – Next sale
Wellies (his favourite things!) – Joules outlet sale
Fleece – Tu, Sainsbury’s


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