Maria’s passed over the baton for Trendy toddler Tuesday to Medicated Follower, so this week sees a new beginning.  I’ll be watching out for the new badge to display over the next couple of weeks.

Today saw N wearing his lush new pyjamas.  I love him in the skinny ones at the moment, although with nappy, they’re a bit padded bottomed!  These ones I bought from Zulily (can’t remember the actual brand) on special flash sale…mainly because when I was pregnant, my best friend and I used to joke about bad celebrity baby names so called my baby ‘banana’.

‘Banana’ in pyjamas

Then it was normal everyday clothes – what a surprise, featuring blue!  All bargains – Next navy casual trousers, Debenhams stripy jumper (we had one in a different colourway in a  smaller size), and Funky Giraffe dribble bib.

There’s no water in here

Do join in and find out what other trendy toddlers are wearing this week over at the link up.


  1. mumofthreeboys

    I love skinny pyjamas and jeans, very rockstar! Love the monkey Jim jams. N looks cute in both outfits x

    • Thanks. I think so!

      Ooh yes, skinny jeans are great on little ones, although not much movement room for scrambling around.

    • The other problem with skinnies, I always feel like I have to go up a couple of sizes to avoid them being too skinny!

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