Joining up with this blog makes me think more about what I’ve dressed N in.  I know it’s almost washing day when I’ve only got either thick trousers or long sleeved tops left in the wardrobe.

Off for a stomp up the drive

Thankfully earlier this week the weather was cooler so N was in:

  • Black cords (Blue Zoo at Debenham) – bought for best, but now just used so he can wear them before he grows out of them
  • Green & red stripy t-shirt – Tu at Sainsbury’s.  Not sure about the colours, but think they were in a pack of three (there’s always a dud one!)
  • SKEANIE boat shoes and Funky Giraffe blue & white cow print bib.  Nothing like a bit of a clash, although at least I didn’t put up today’s photo – that really would have been something!

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