Phew, I was a tad worried today that N was dressed in the roughest clothes in his wardrobe.  He seems to be permanently out of shorts, even though I’ve just done washing, and I’m try to save some reasonable pairs for him starting his new nursery school on Thursday (so he doesn’t look a total scruff bag).

So today he was in a very casual outfit, shorts, t shirt and pumps.  So easy to dress when it’s summer, although the last few days it’s been quite chilly in the early mornings when we set out.

toddler in sunglasses in a car driving seat

He’s a bit obsessed with ‘driving’ the car at the moment. Every day he wants to sit in my seat and drive it, today he was even commentating where he was going to go….driving the quad bike to see his dad in the field.


  • Shorts – JoJo Maman Bebe, last year’s summer sale
  • Banana t-shirt – Funky Monkey, from Zulily UK.  I bought this because when I was pregnant, my best friend and I were discussing dodgy celeb names and came up with Banana for my bump
  • Shoes – Startrite.  They always get complements, and I love the canvas pumps as they’re so much nicer than trainers
  • Sunglasses – I think they’re Matalan.  He only really wears them for dressing up as a hat’s usually sufficient for when he’s playing out.

I have also had a major shopping result today.  I’ve wanted to get N a warm winter coat but hadn’t seen any that were thick enough.  Until a quite nip into town at lunchtime where I found a Rocha.Little Rocha winter coat – at half price.  Luckily the size I chose fits, so he’s all set for winter now, and has everything needed for his next size up as well.

I’m linking up to Trendy Tuesday again, so check out (or link up) what everyone’s else’s little ones are up to (maybe school uniforms?)


  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Lovely outfit – cool, but child-like at the same time. Fab for a little boy.

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