Pah, well N’s outfit today is scruffbag heaven.  I just grabbed the clothes he’d worn fleetingly on Sunday before getting them soaked playing with his water table, and thought ‘they’ll be fine for nursery’.  On picking him up, he was in an even worse state, dressed in all his spare spares, with boots!

20130924_174856 compressed

So I’m sharing what he was wearing yesterday.  As I’ve said before, I love coloured chinos and cords, and now we’re into Autumn I get to dig out all his autumn coloured burgundies and greens.

I also love N in jumpers.  Stripes are obviously a favourite, and hoodies, although it is quite hard to find nice colourful jumpers which go with coloured trousers.

Yesterday N was at nursery (for a pre-school one day visit), but as I need to keep his scruffier gear for his nursery school at the end of the week (he always seems to get muckier there), I thought he’d be fine in his smarter jumpers.  Mind you, his jumpers always look relatively smart, even if they are from cheaper shops due to the style.

So N was wearing,

toddler with rucksack ready for day nursery (1)
  • Burgundy chino trousers – Tu at Sainsbury’s (I should be an ambassador for them with the number of clothes N has from there!)
  • Stripy jumper which flukily matches the trousers perfectly – Primark
  • Shoes – Startrite.  Still wearing his summer shoes as they’ve got plenty of room in so hoping the rain and bad Autumn weather holds off while he gets some more wear out of them.
  • Rucksack – no idea, although I’ve since seen the same one on Amazon, when looking for a replacement.

This rucksack’s lasted him since he was 1, so it’s done pretty well for a cheap rucksack being stuffed full of nursery bits and pieces.  Although one side of the zip’s broken, and it’s got a small hole in the bottom, so I’ve been checking out other rucksacks online.

Buying children’s bags is a nightmare as you want something cool and bright that they’ll want to carry round, but I’ve found a lot of them are just too small for a full change of clothes, wellies and potentially a coat inside.

I’ve spotted some lovely ones that I think N would love, but they always seems so expensive for a child’s bag.  Maybe I’m just tight!

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  1. Love the second outfit! Burgundy is one of my favourite colours, especially for this time of year 🙂

    I’ve had the same issue with bags in the past as well… Really hard to find one that isn’t too big but, as you say, can fit in everything you need! We have one from Skip Hop that did quite well. It’s a bit different now Ethan’s at school because you have different bags for different things….

    • Burgundy’s great, as it’s a bit different for boys, without being girly.
      i like the Skip hop ones, but wasn’t sure about them fitting everything…plus they’re pricy.

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